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Violented Oaxaca

To the Independent Media all over the World:

To all Human Rights Organizations:

To the United Nations Organization:

To The people of the world:

Five months ago in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, the Union of Teachers of section 22nd started a strike asking for economical and social benefits for the population –all the citizens- of the State.

This Union demanded the immediate resignation of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, governor of the state because for all the people of Oaxaca he came from a fraudulent election and being repressing all the dissidence since his arising to power.

As the conflict developed, the population of Oaxaca took the teacher’s union demands as their own. They all agreed to demand for the resignation of Ruiz considering him enemy of the people of Oaxaca.

He had several accusations for murdering through his paramilitary and police officers left wing fighters, human rights members, peasants and he also was accused for fraud.

This social organization was named APPO Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca. This bigger organization functioned as government of people according to article 39 of the Mexican Law which says: the people has the right to modify or change it’s government when considering public member harmful elements for the country.

Neither the Federal Government nor the State Government did anything to solve the conflict, or hear the real demands of the people of Oaxaca.

Instead they started a discredit and negative lying campaign at the Media accusing APPO and Union 22nd of terrorism and that they had taken the city causing economical problems.

The Official Media accused them of not wanting to end this conflict and all over the country we’ve heard this lies and many other more such as to say APPO and the people demanding for the resignation of Ruiz as a sign of good will from the government to end this conflict, was the minority of Oaxaca.

The Media always at the service of Government misinformed the population of Mexico, and also the world, picturing the movement as the bad one’s, as the terrorists, as the intransigent one’s but the Media never really showed the truth happening in Oaxaca.

They never said APPO and Union 22nd watched for the security of the people of Oaxaca.

They never showed the movement was a legitimate social movement of responsible people from all the State of Oaxaca and that it was also a movement of the majority.

Many civil rights movements, many human rights watchers and Independent Media from the entire world went to Oaxaca moved only by brotherly solidarity feelings and the commitment with truth and Human Rights.

For a very long time now the conflict had rise an impasse and many people feared the solution was going to be like in other social conflicts as recently on May 3rd and 4th happened in San Salvador Atenco, State of Mexico violating humans rights.

Today on October 27th since 9:40 am this morning several individuals approached the barricade on bridge cinco señores (five men) which communicates to El Rosario colony ten minutes away from the center, shooting their guns and threatening those who custody that point, making of the members who’s name is Gerardo to get inside a white sub urban trunk matriculated TJM 6531 and there where accompanied by other individuals on a black jetta car.

Around 15:30 members of APPO where shoot by members of the city hall police customized as civilians and gunmen hired from the government of Oaxaca which are active members of PRI (Revolutionary Intuitional Party) and headed by the city hall president, as well as syndicates and other representatives.

At the same time this events where extended to barricades of La experimental and the one in Calicanto, close to Santa Lucía del Camino, a small town close to the city, where also attacked and shot by police men and gunmen dressed up as civilians.

This aggression caused the death by a gun shot on the chest Brad Will, New York Documentary Filmmaker and Indymedia Reporter, also the Mexican fotographer from Milenio Diary, Oswaldo Ramírez who has injured with a gun shot on the foot.

In this repressive act where also wounded Juan Carlos Lopez and Rene Ramirez Sanchez.. One of the agressors dressed on red shirt and blue trousers has being identified as Juan Carlos Sumano and other as Pedro Carmona both city hall police men of Santa Lucía del Camino.

At 17:30 city hall and municipal police men undercover as civilians, leaded by Pablo Jimenez municipal president of Santa María Coyotepec, shot and threatened the teachers who where guarding the official house, provoking fights with the people from Oaxaca. In this event the teacher Emilio Alonzo Fabián was killed by three gun shoots one of them on the head. Also reporters from Radio Universidad -UNAM University- where shot by police officers, dressed as civilians.

Several members of Union 22nd where imprisoned and are injured at the municipal jail without medical attention.

By the time this report was sent –around 11:30 of this night- the prosecution of members of APPO continued at the mountains near the city.

At 18:30 gangsters hired by Ulises Ruiz Ortiz harmed three people with knives in Jardines colony.

The Safety Commission of APPO reports that by this moment there are about 16 persons injured and two people killed and several members and civil rights fighters missing.

Press members from APPO reports also in this conflict 13 people have being killed and a paramilitary operative is taking place now in the city, so called the death squad which consists in sub urban Lobo trucks and motorcycles roam around the city striking with death and terror to the civilian population of Oaxaca.

With all this information confirmed, we, the members of Rincón Rupestre Colective and adherents to La Sexta Declaración de la Selva Lacandona, launched by the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional manifest our most extreme protest against this criminal and fascist actions that once again show us the negative from corrupted governments of Mexico to the right of the people for governing differently and more fairly to arise the dignity, freedom and the conditions for a good life with justice and real democracy. A life where the right to self determination would possible, as APPO has shown.

The pyramidal, global capitalist policies which terrorizes and imposes, exploits, excludes, leaves out and dispossess the most fragile people from their goods as land and natural resources, throughout Free Trade Agreements, monophonically projects for global development which are no other than an excessive robbery and dispossession of the countries of Mexico, and the world. With the complicity of servile Mexican governments which had allowed all these actions.

All these terrorist actions such as Mexico in the 1968 year, the Halconazo in 1971, Acteal, El Charco, El Bosque, Pasta de Conchos, Lázaro Cárdenas, Atenco and now Oaxaca are an evidence of the systematic violation of Human Rights in México of the imposition of the capitalist, global and destructive policy against the people. All these crimes have no responsible author, nobody has being punished for any of these actions against humanity where has being a blood bath from the innocent and not from criminals, nor terrorists. When is this going to stop? Where do they want to drag us to? When this impunity is going to stop for real and the criminals be punished?

We know the Mexican Government is going to deny the are involved in this events and is going to manage the information with the corrupted Mass Media as if this slaughter has being an intra communitarian conflict that is the reason for dressing army members as civilians.

Therefore, we call the civilians of the world, democratic and popular organizations, independent collectives, and all the people who have a consciousness to sum their efforts to stop these criminal actions and never allow another massacre in the history of our country or the world

We demand immediately the cease of fire against APPO, Union 22nd and members of the state of Oaxaca.

We make responsible the three levels of government in México, the Congress for not wanting to solve the conflict when they had the chance in a peaceful and fair way.

We blame directly all the repressive corporations as well as the paramilitary members of PRI for the repression against the people of Oaxaca occurred on October 27th 2006.

From this small place from our nation we want to tell you today that if you want to

finish our dreams you will have to kill us all one by one. We will not let the corrupted

assassin governments get away with all these crimes.

We also demand from the Human Rights Organizations to take action on these events so

no repressive government would be unpunished.

We specifically invite American human rights organizations and members not to permit

that the assassination of an internationalist, committed with truth American journalist as

Brad Will to be forgotten nor forgiven.


Rincón Rupestre Colective

Cancun Quintana Roo


October 28th 2006

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